When is the best time to install sod?

Sod can be installed anytime during the growing season right up until ground freeze up.  Installing sod during hot and dry weather will require more attention and frequent watering.




How long is sod good for once it is delivered?

Sod should be installed immediately upon delivery but can remain viable for several days during cool/moist weather.  Plan on scheduling your sod delivery for the day you want to install it, thus insuring successful establishment.




Do I need to fertilize before installing sod?

It is perfectly acceptable to fertilize before installing sod but not necessary. The small new roots will benefit from the fertilizer but heavy watering during establishment may leach some of those nutrients down below the reach of the new roots.  In which case, fertilizing a week or two after installing sod and lightly watering will insure the new roots will have complete access to all the nutrients they require.  Smaller and more frequent fertilizing will benefit the new sod greatly and avoid the excessive and heavy growth which may occur from heavy fertilizing especially during the long warm days of early summer.





What type of grass do you sell?

Our sod is a blend of several varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass which are suited to almost all yards.  Varieties which show exceptional regrowth for high traffic areas as well as varieties which perform well in shaded areas are in our grass blend.



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