Spruce Grove Sod is committed to helping you with any sod needs you may have. We grow, mow, care for, harvest and deliver the sod you receive. We are here to answer any questions you may have about sod production, what we do, how we do it and what you need to be successful with your sod project.


Kentucky Bluegrass

Our Kentucky Bluegrass mix includes several varieties with different strengths and characteristics that can adapt to the locations on which you will be installing your sod. Over time the shaded and high traffic areas will select for that particular Kentucky Bluegrass variety most strongly suited for that area.


Kentucky Bluegrass thrives in direct sunlight, which is the situation that our grass has received during the 2-3 years that we have been nurturing it on our farm. Those varieties that perform stronger in shaded areas have been incorporated into our seed blend upon initial planting. Once presented with less than full light it will also thrive. You can be assured that you will have a great lawn in a few short weeks, which will continue to improve with timely waterings and care.


Services and Products

  • Timely deliveries of sod in the greater Edmonton area
  • Field pickup for those customers who need smaller amounts or require sod sooner than our delivery schedule permits
  • Supply and install services
  • Final grade landscaping
  • Small Rolls 10 sq. ft (2’X5′)
  • Large Rolls 275 sq. ft (2.5’X110′)
  • Fertilizer


Small rolls weigh between 30-50 lbs and can be installed without any special equipment. Large rolls weigh more than 50 lbs and will require special equipment.


Our pallets typically hold 500 sq. ft, weighing approximately 1500-2500 lbs. This amount maximizes both space and weight for a typical pickup truck.


“Great service, both with delivery and pickup of materials. And top quality sod.”